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Alas! a post after more than two months…. Took a long time to complete although it was not a complicated one… Most of its work was done in the last 1.5 weeks… Lucky that i could complete it before my next visit home. 😀



  1. Good One!!! Very nice…

  2. good………..

  3. Beautiful… Nice work…..

  4. This one is a masterpiece. What perfection. I just loved the way u drew her eyes!!!

  5. Really wonderful….. The shading of eyes and nose was great!!!

  6. great piece of work!!

  7. Beautiful work…

  8. perfection outstanding

  9. Just thought I’d let you know that someone is trying to take credit for this Kristen drawing here:

    • Thank you.. i have asked asked that person via tumbler.. if there is no reply towards it, i may plan to report it.. It’s not about using someone’s work ( i hav no problems doing it), taking the credit for the artwork is something very different…which i do not support.

    • Yogesh baban kedar
    • Posted December 14, 2013 at 12:59 pm
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    i like this image so much…!!!
    And also i want a learn that technique…!!!

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