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Pencil Shading Portrait of Surya

Ah! My first post of the year 2011. This time it’s Surya.. This pic was also a suggestion from one of my dearest friends.. The scanned image doesn’t show full justice to the original picture. This my first work in which i have tried out some Charcoal pencils and blending techniques… I feel the finishing in this one is better than my older ones 😀



  1. Really great… The description seems to b true…

    Better than older ones…

  2. super up painting… cool one………….

  3. very nice!! better than pervious paintings!!

  4. very nice!! better than previous paintings!!

  5. Cool one man! Loved the Use of Charcol! See how it gives a stunning look! Its a must

  6. Very nice……

  7. Superb da… keep it up…so v can expect more wonders frm u as u r experimenting wit different techniqs 🙂

  8. Iam very great fan of surya… I dint see the old sketch..but this sketch is awesome one.. U hav done a fantaaaastic job… The eyes, eye brows, lips, teeth, cheeks..everything is perfeccct….. I really loveeeed ur sketch!!!

  9. Thank You All !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. verrrrry niceeee….cooool…

  11. my fav hero as surya… u hav drew him very well.. amazing yaar….

  12. its great, as an artist i know how much effort is there.have u done this with smudging technique? good luck. its great job.

    • Thanks!!!
      yes, i’ve used some amount of smudging/blending technique too in this work… Charcoal gave me some trouble ‘coz i was working with it for the 1st time! 🙂

  13. it’s look so cute ………..i love u so much this drawing…………..try to much better

  14. Amazing work!!
    Can i know which charcoal and graphite pencils you use and also the
    drawing paper you use??

    • Thank you!!
      And towards your query: Are you asking about the ones I used in this sketch? If yes, I have used Apsara pencils B to 8B. Charcoal pencil was Camlin. Charcoal is quite messy to work with especially in the kind of paper used here- Ivory Card paper..i won’t recommend…
      If your query is is about the drawing material I presently use(esp. in my photorealistic works), they are Staedtler Mars Lumograph pencils and Fabriano Hot Press grade watercolour paper.

        • Ruchi
        • Posted July 25, 2013 at 4:08 pm
        • Permalink

        Thank you for your reply…was really helpful.

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