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Pencil Portrait- Will_Kate

Hi Guys!!! This time it’s Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. My first work on hand made paper(Fabriano-hot pressed pad). the original one is much more realistic than the attached image. Scanning efforts  failed miserably and had to compromise with a photograph this time.. will upload the scannned/better quality pic whenever i succeeed in getting one done. It took me almost 3 weeks to complete with ~65 hrs effective working time… hope my efforts have proved worth. 🙂



  1. NIce work Buddy!!!

    U r really trying out new things in every pic… All best to you. Wating for a better version of the same.

  2. bale besh !!!

  3. luvd ur work……..god bless u 🙂

  4. Thnk u all !!!

  5. very nice one…..worth every effort…………u rock………

  6. amazing

  7. d best thing about ur art is the detailing part…i juz ❤ it Mr.Nikhil Roy..nd truly speaking,u r an online art teacher for me…unfortunately i had to quit art,but now again i m inspired 2 continue it,…n i basicaly try 2 re-draw wat u post here…i hope u wont mind…is ds copyright?? juz kidding…undoubtedly cant reach ur limit bt m trying…:)

    • @Riha: There is nothing like that.. i consider myself just a beginner!!! just trying to make the sketches look as similar as possible to the reference picture… presently, i’m concentrating on photorealistic sketches..”Raint Spoilt Play” was the first attempt towards it!! Hope i’ll be able to spent enough time for art after my working hours!!

      Once you are interensted and focussed, you can make good, in fact, great sketches!! So keep trying!!

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