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Please Don't Cry!!!

Hi guyz… Finally a post after long 5 months!! The work on this drawing had started sometime in August last year. I was finding hard to concentrate and this remained in my drawing board for long! I had abandon it so that my instability don’t hamper the fruit of my earlier work! Even after repeated trials my concentration stayed away!! So, in the meantime I tried my hands on writing for a change. On one fine morning i felt like drawing again and completed more than half of the whole picture (that is all what was left to complete at that time) in around 15 hours  🙂 !!! Even i found it difficult to believe! 😯 This is the 1st picture in which I’ve used ‘Steadtler Mars Lumograph’ pencils- Man.. they’re great!!! Again sorry about the picture quality: this is my own photo of the drawing-scanning woes still persist 😦



  1. Da, good 2 c u back with pencil sketching… 🙂

    • Abhishek Mohanty
    • Posted February 2, 2012 at 11:41 am
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    This is just awesome

  2. good one ….continue ur work….

  3. Her eyes and eyebrows…………….. looking good .

  4. excellent work nic.I just loved this one.u r really talented.It looks like the eyes have got life.Awesome pic.

  5. hey man..ur drawings are really great and awesome..i really liked all ur shadings and potrait..really all are genius..i would like to learn from u sometips regarding shading light and dark areas around the potrait..actually i am good in drawing, but finding it difficult to shade..plss do guide me..
    my email is ..
    thank u SIr..

  6. awesome nikz….. was lucky 2 c d clearer master copy as always 🙂 tht eyes says a lot…. n 15 hours n half the of d pic means… i don hav nything to say….. u ve got some real talent…. 🙂

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