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Adora Levin

Hey guys.. it has been a long gap!!! Now it’s time for my next upload.. Presenting you my new sketch “Adora”!!!  Her name is Adora Levin…Her father had approched me mentioning about drawing a sketch of his sweet l’il princess through flickr last April… But i was busy with my earlier sketch at that time.. however, he was ready to wait.. I completed it a month back..but DSLR camera was not available to take a proper snap … Then my recent transfer kept me busy… I was lucky to get the DSLR from one of my senior colleagues in the office Mr. Subramanian M. K. and am thankful to him… The snap was sent to Adora’s Dad last week.. he too has published the pic in his site.. Hope you guys like it!! 🙂



  1. Excellent work dude… 🙂 Feeling proud of you… The wait has paid off….

  2. the wait was worth it 🙂 again ..d magic of ur hands 🙂 awesome wrk dear

  3. Wonderful work nikhil

  4. very very cute…great work done..worth the wait….

  5. woooww….!!!! the wait war worth for it 🙂 awesome wrk dear….. 🙂 the magic of ur hands 🙂

  6. that’ a very beautiful sketch
    keep on doing such great works

  7. all pics I like so much …!

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