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DMS_finHi Guys… I’m back! It’s been a long time since my last one.. Was not in my best of moods to draw  for the last few months-Thanks to my location change, higher stress quotient and tighter schedule…. This sketch (like the previous one) was also on request … Today was the birthday of the requesitioner and I’m glad that i could complete it by yesterday(although after a loooong delay)..The sketch was sent to him along with my birthday wishes!… The lighting of the photo was not that proper-which is clearly visible.. will try to rectify that in my next one… Hope you guys like it too… Planning to return to my emotive portrait series soon.. 🙂



  1. Excellent work, da…. Keep it up… The efforts taken in detailing the shirt has paid off…

  2. Good to see you are back in track……Excellent work,waiting for your next one 🙂

  3. VERY Good! You made two people very happy, I am sure.

    • Thank you Mark! As a matter of fact, they are no more.. it was a request from their son to make the sketch..

      • That is extremely coincidental, as I just finished a portrait on Friday of a loved one my family had lost. It is posted on my blog as well. My sympathies to the son for his loss.

  4. grt work…..hope to see more soon….

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