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Hi guys!.. It’s been a wait too long… This one has been on the drawing board for more than two years now – Aah lazy me 😦 … Finally, I’m done with it… I feel the photo has not done justice to the original drawing though… Hope you guys like it too… 🙂



  1. awesome

  2. Wow, your work is amazing! I love the degree of near perfect photorealism, while still layering in so much character, vitality, & warmth. It’s like these works have their own pulse. I’m wondering how you achieved this bluish tone color in your drawing above and in “Loved and Lost?” I only know how to draw, not paint, so I was wondering what materials you used. I mostly use charcoal & Ive been trying to find the right media to get a bluish tone for some time & have come up empty.

    • Thank u for your comment… So nice of you.. I do artwork in graphite.. In this sketch, I had used pencils of 8B grade… Graphite once we go to higher grades of black, the finish turns glossy. On account of that, when the photo was taken (and also when viewed directly) it gives in a shade of blue…
      Voila! 🙂

  3. Superb dude……….amazing work

  4. What a beautiful drawing. Im totally mesmerized by it .

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