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Category Archives: Pencil Drawings

Portrait of Kristen Stewart

This picture was selected for me by one of my close friends. It took almost 3 weeks to complete this one. The best thing i liked about this sketch is the hair and  have used a different drawing style compared to my previous ones. One of my best till date… 🙂


A still from Malayalam movie 'Drona2010'

This was my toughest and most time taking pencil shaded work till date. A still of Kanika from a Malayalam movie ‘Drona2010’. It took almost a month to complete. But hope the effort has proved worth.

Mohiniyattam by Gopika Varma

A sketch of Mohiniyattam-a typical dance form of Kerala. This picture was made since one of my valuable friends suggested that i make a picture of this lovely dance form.

My colleague with her Hubby!

This picture is of one of my colleagues. the background for the picture is a beach at Puri! A sweet wedding gift for her!

A Potrait work in Pencil

A still from 'Rajneeti'

Sumit Gupta-my colleague

A still from 'Raavan'


A pencil shade work

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