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Hi guys!.. It’s been a wait too long… This one has been on the drawing board for more than two years now – Aah lazy me 😦 … Finally, I’m done with it… I feel the photo has not done justice to the original drawing though… Hope you guys like it too… 🙂


Conquering Solitude_Fin

“Being alone never felt right; sometimes it felt good, but never felt right” – Charles Bukowski

Hi Guys…. it’s been quite some time since my last post… As usual office schedule and mood swings kept me away from sketching…. Now after near about 6 months gap, i’m back with another emotive sketch… Had intended to lay my hands on a tougher sketch after “Loved and Lost”… And this was tough indeed.. Hope the results are satisfactory and u guys like it… 🙂

Adora Levin

Hey guys.. it has been a long gap!!! Now it’s time for my next upload.. Presenting you my new sketch “Adora”!!!  Her name is Adora Levin…Her father had approched me mentioning about drawing a sketch of his sweet l’il princess through flickr last April… But i was busy with my earlier sketch at that time.. however, he was ready to wait.. I completed it a month back..but DSLR camera was not available to take a proper snap … Then my recent transfer kept me busy… I was lucky to get the DSLR from one of my senior colleagues in the office Mr. Subramanian M. K. and am thankful to him… The snap was sent to Adora’s Dad last week.. he too has published the pic in his site.. Hope you guys like it!! 🙂

Loved and Lost!!!

A new post after about 2 months gap 3-rd in the photorealistic series. Toughest one till date…I lost count of how many hours I have spent on this.. more than 100 for sure… But the result was satisfactory… Thanks to Suvendu for his DSLR again… Planning to try out tougher ones in the future.. Hope you guys like this 🙂

Break Me Free

Hi guys!! One more post-2nd on in the phorealistic series.. Lucky to complete this before my next visit home.. This took about 50-60 hrs to complete…Although i’ve done a fair job with the DSLR (thanks to my friend Suvendu to lend me his Canon 550d) the original is far more realistic in its looks!! I’ll upload a better picture if i can manage one!! Hope you guys enjoyed it!! 🙂

ImageHello Guyz!! Here is my first photorealistic artwork!! The original is more realistic than the uploaded digital version! This has taken around 30 hrs to complete..and the result was satisfactory!! 🙂 I was full of concentration while working on it-after a long long time! Also, my new batch of pencils are not to be forgotten… They are the root cause for the satisfactory outcome!! Was able to take a fairly good photograph of the sketch(which was not happening for my last 3 sketches)- Thanks to my buddy ‘Lalit’ for lending me his DSLR which made it possible 😀 Hope u guys enjoyed it!!!

Please Don't Cry!!!

Hi guyz… Finally a post after long 5 months!! The work on this drawing had started sometime in August last year. I was finding hard to concentrate and this remained in my drawing board for long! I had abandon it so that my instability don’t hamper the fruit of my earlier work! Even after repeated trials my concentration stayed away!! So, in the meantime I tried my hands on writing for a change. On one fine morning i felt like drawing again and completed more than half of the whole picture (that is all what was left to complete at that time) in around 15 hours  🙂 !!! Even i found it difficult to believe! 😯 This is the 1st picture in which I’ve used ‘Steadtler Mars Lumograph’ pencils- Man.. they’re great!!! Again sorry about the picture quality: this is my own photo of the drawing-scanning woes still persist 😦

Hey What's So Special About Me??

Hai Guys!!! One more post after 1.5 months… This project was made taking ample breaks (thanks to the injuries to my finger and knee i caught up with in between) and thus can’t remember the effective time i took to complete it. It is my first attempt towards “emotive portraits”, hope it has come good. The image uploaded is a snap using my cam since i could not get any satisfactory scanned versions.  Hope you all like it!! 😀

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