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Please Don't Cry!!!

Hi guyz… Finally a post after long 5 months!! The work on this drawing had started sometime in August last year. I was finding hard to concentrate and this remained in my drawing board for long! I had abandon it so that my instability don’t hamper the fruit of my earlier work! Even after repeated trials my concentration stayed away!! So, in the meantime I tried my hands on writing for a change. On one fine morning i felt like drawing again and completed more than half of the whole picture (that is all what was left to complete at that time) in around 15 hours  🙂 !!! Even i found it difficult to believe! 😯 This is the 1st picture in which I’ve used ‘Steadtler Mars Lumograph’ pencils- Man.. they’re great!!! Again sorry about the picture quality: this is my own photo of the drawing-scanning woes still persist 😦

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